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Unless you live in Jalisco, Mexico,
there is no such thing as a "local
tequila." (Tequila is a legally protected
term that can only be used on a
product merely imported from Mexico.)

But now there's a Texas made
alternative for your margaritas with a
flavor all its own.  A tropical aroma and
exceedingly smooth finish without the
too familiar "bite" makes it perfect for
delicious margaritas, sunrises, and
The original Texas Triple Sec!™  This
is a mixing style Triple Sec that is
sophisticated enough to drink straight.  
A bright orange aroma leads to
complex orange flavors on the palate.  

Sweet...but not cloying or syrupy. It's
made with all natural orange flavors,
pure cane sugar, and NO corn syrup.  
It's the perfect mixing Triple Sec for
margaritas, cosmos, Long Island Ice
Teas, and more...and it tastes great
straight, too.
Did you know that all distilled spirits
labels have to be approved by the
federal government?  It's true.  So now
we get to say we asked the feds to
approve "Secession"...and they did!

At 82 proof, this is a seriously strong
and complex orange liqueur.  We
compare its flavor to some of the
famous brands produced in France.
(But ours won't surrender as easily.)
Perfect for top shelf cocktails. Perfectly
capable of standing on its own.
In 1982, just down the street from our
distillery in Leander, archaeologists
discovered one of the most complete
prehistoric human skeletons in the

The bones weren't old enough to be
Neanderthal so they called them
"Leanderthal." Our back label tells the
whole story. The story on this vodka?
Don't let the low price fool you. Distilled
five times and charcoal filtered for a
smooth, clean, crisp experience.
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